How to Use Talkwall

Frequently asked questions

What is new in version 3.0?

  • Organisers are presented with a new panel after login. All previous Talkwalls created by the organiser are now listed, with an option for each to open, edit, export, and delete.
  • Talkwalls can be shared with other organisers (e.g. in teacher teams)
  • Participants have a right panel with a filter panel (as organisers have today)
  • More errorsĀ  are handled gracefully server side.
  • Improvements in the user interface

How can I increase readability so that the contributions can be read from back of the classroom?

See this how-to

The CREATE button is not displayed on my iPad?

Turn the iPad to landscape mode. As a teacher you need to use Talkwall in landscape mode in order to have space on the screen for the right sidepanel.

In portrait mode, the iPad only shows the thread of contributions.

Can I operate Talkwall on a smart board?

This depends on the smartboard. The board needs to differentiate between a drag and a click. This may be adjusted in the settings of the smartboard.

Talkwall is tested with the Smartboard 800, and this works as expected.