How to Use Talkwall

Analysing a Talkwall

A Talkwall session may be analysed. In the “Your Talkwalls” panel, find the Talkwall and select the download option in the menu:

The download produces a web page containing all contributions from the students, and an account of how the contributions where organised on the walls for each device used during the session.

You may forward the URL to your students, or paste the URL in your Learning Management System (or similar platform).

The contents of the web page can easily be copied and pasted into (e.g.) Word or Google Docs for further student activities.

Some examples:

An outline for a report could be discussed and organised in Talkwall, and continued in a shared text editor (e.g. Google Doc).
A pro/contra list from a Talkwall session, is expanded on later by students (e.g. Word).

The download page can provide a rich insight into the dynamics of the talk. Some things to identify are:

  • the language used in the contributions,
  • the distribution of participation in the class,
  • the process from the initial to the final contributions.

Talkwall is under constant development. One particular areas of focus is to provide statistics and visuals based on this log, as a tool for teachers to reflect and assess the quality of a Talkwall session. The research team would appreciate suggestions and insights into this topic, as well as general feedback on Talkwall and this website.